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Let’s face it. For many of us, dating can be a daunting prospect – especially when you find yourself newly single in your thirties, forties and beyond, after a long-term relationship. But it doesn’t have to be scary. I called upon Dating Expert of the Year 2017 Ané Auret, Dating and Relationship Coach Elizabeth Sullivan and Dating Writer of the Year 2017 Kate Taylor for their words of wisdom. Here are three top tips to help boost your confidence and maximise your chances of dating success:


Kate says...

Start small

When you’re getting back into dating, it’s easy to get carried away with daydreams about the perfect man, and the ideal relationship. You can fall in love with someone’s messages online, or convince yourself that the man you caught looking at you on the 8:12 to Waterloo one morning was your soul mate… These fantasies, while fun, can set your expectations too high, and lead to crashing disappointments. So I would say: aim small. Make your goals tiny and achievable: aim to go on two dates a week; aim to contact 4 new men every month; aim to have kissed someone by 2025. Smaller goals cure panic, feel do-able, and are more fun.

Ané says...

Be open to connection in your daily life

Make conversation, be interested in people around you and be approachable. There is no way of knowing where and how you’re going to meet your new person and they may be dying to talk to you from a distance, but you may be too closed off to notice. Do things you’ve always wanted to do and meet people interested in the things you are without focusing on dating per se. Break your routine and expand your social circle.

Elizabeth says...

Set yourself up for success

Make sure you are in a good mood when you go on dates or out to parties. Do something that makes you feel happy beforehand, whether it be going to the gym, going for a run, listening to your favourite music/songs/playlist. Meditate if that works for you, do yoga or sit and relax in a coffee shop. Dating works so much better when we are feeling great...


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Happy dating!

Olivia x

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