The Match Faker: a fake-dating, enemies-to-lovers romcom…

Fake dating my enemy was never supposed to feel so real…


My ex-boyfriend screwed me over and now the future of my matchmaking agency is in danger. I’d do anything to save it. Even if it involves fake dating my childhood best friend, hot Hollywood action movie star Liam Stone.

With his good looks, charm and acting skills, he’d be ideal.

There’s just one problem. We hate each other.

But the arrangement would help me win the Matchmaker of the Year award (being single doesn’t exactly work in my favour) and scoop the cash prize and publicity that would save my business.

It’s purely professional. Two months and we’re done.

Except when Liam kisses me, nothing about the fireworks between us feels


I’m no stranger to kiss-and-tell stories. But when I get caught up in a sex scandal that threatens to end my career, I fly to London to escape the drama. I never expected to bump into her.

Yeah, Mia’s smart and annoyingly attractive, but when she asks me to be her fake boyfriend, my first thought is hell no. Not after what happened before.

Then I realise pairing up with her would help shake off my playboy image and restore my reputation.

Dating Mia will be a challenge, but pretending is my forte.

Except when we’re forced to share a bed, the feelings that are supposed to be pretend become all too real…

Get ready to stay up all night! Once you start reading this steamy, dual POV, fake-dating, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy, you won’t be able to stop!

Swoon-worthy happy ending guaranteed. Order The Match Faker now!


  • Fake dating
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Forced proximity
  • Only one bed
  • Celebrity romance
  • Reformed playboy
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