About Me

Hi there! Very nice to meet you so thanks for stopping by.


Whilst I loved every second penning my debut novel The Middle-Aged Virgin, writing about myself isn’t so easy… Where to begin?


Okay, so I’m a forty-something, single Londoner who loves cake and has always had a burning desire to write a novel. But it wasn’t until January 2016 that I was driven to take the leap. A close friend suddenly passed away and realising that life was too short not to start pursuing my dream, I set myself a goal to become a published author. Two and a half years (plus bucket loads of blood, sweat and tears) later, my first-ever shiny book is now available on Amazon. It’s definitely a pinch-me-is-it-real moment!


Right now, I still work in PR (I’ve adopted the pen name Olivia Spring to spare the blushes of clients who may read the racy sex scenes included in my book), however writing is my true passion. Now that I’ve published my first book, I dream of becoming a full-time author and hope that one day I’ll be able to sit in the park (or even on a nice beach!), whilst I type away on my laptop, creating more cool characters and stories to share with you.


Thanks for your support. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate you visiting my website/buying my book. I really hope you enjoy reading The Middle-Aged Virgin and look out for more novels coming very soon…


Olivia x
The Middle Aged Virgin by Olivia Spring